Titre : Genesis
Auteur : Bernard Beckett
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9781847248893
Libération : 2010-05-27

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The island Republic has emerged from a ruined world. Its citizens are safe but not free. Until a man named Adam Forde rescues a girl from the sea. Fourteen-year-old Anax thinks she knows her history. She'd better. She's sat facing three Examiners and her five-hour examination has just begun. The subject is close to her heart: Adam Forde, her long-dead hero. In a series of startling twists, Anax discovers new things about Adam and her people that question everything she holds sacred. But why is the Academy allowing her to open up the enigma at its heart? Bernard Beckett has written a strikingly original novel that weaves dazzling ideas into a truly moving story about a young girl on the brink of her future.

The Keys to Ascension

Titre : The Keys to Ascension
Auteur : Allfaaraa
Éditeur : Raise the Planet Publishing
ISBN-13 : 0985856459
Libération : 2013-02

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In The Keys To Ascension, Allfaaraa answers the questions that humanity has been asking, and does so from direct experience and access to the Celestial realm (5D). Allfaaraa delivers the side of the story you have never heard. Who are we? Why are we here? What is God? What is this world? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is a "walk-in"? Why do we incarnate? What is an "ego" and, more importantly, why do we have one? What is evil and why does it exist here? How does "the game of God" work in this world? These questions and many more are answered simply and completely, including the mechanics (the how and the why) and the spiritual and Earthly history to go with it. The Keys To Ascension explains "God's game" in this world so that every aspect can be fully understood. Allfaaraa picks up where Eckhart Tolle left off by delivering a Celestial understanding of the Earthly ego, allowing the individual to discover the final pieces of the puzzle that you have been trying to assemble all of your life. If the ego and the mind are obstacles to "enlightenment," then WHY do we have them in the first place? The ego/mind (and the darkness/drama/evil that it creates) is the driving force in our ascension. Without it we will not ascend and return to the Celestial realm from whence we came. As Allfaaraa says, "Darkness is the fertilizer that allows light to grow."

The History of Development

Titre : The History of Development
Auteur : Gilbert Rist
Éditeur : Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN-13 : 9781783600250
Libération : 2014-04-10

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In this classic text, now in its fourth edition, Gilbert Rist provides a complete and powerful overview of what the idea of development has meant throughout history. He traces it from its origins in the Western view of history, through the early stages of the world system, the rise of US hegemony, and the supposed triumph of third-worldism, through to new concerns about the environment and globalization. In a new chapter on post-development models and ecological dimensions, written against a background of world crisis and ideological disarray, Rist considers possible ways forward and brings the book completely up to date. Throughout, he argues persuasively that development has been no more than a collective delusion, which in reality has resulted only in widening market relations, whatever the intentions of its advocates.

Not Dead Yet

Titre : Not Dead Yet
Auteur : Phil Collins
Éditeur : Crown Archetype
ISBN-13 : 9781101907498
Libération : 2016-10-25

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Phil Collins pulls no punches—about himself, his life, or the ecstasy and heartbreak that’s inspired his music. In his much-awaited memoir, Not Dead Yet, he tells the story of his epic career, with an auspicious debut at age 11 in a crowd shot from the Beatles’ legendary film A Hard Day’s Night. A drummer since almost before he could walk, Collins received on the job training in the seedy, thrilling bars and clubs of 1960s swinging London before finally landing the drum seat in Genesis. Soon, he would step into the spotlight on vocals after the departure of Peter Gabriel and begin to stockpile the songs that would rocket him to international fame with the release of Face Value and “In the Air Tonight.” Whether he’s recalling jamming with Eric Clapton and Robert Plant, pulling together a big band fronted by Tony Bennett, or writing the music for Disney’s smash-hit animated Tarzan, Collins’s storytelling chops never waver. And of course he answers the pressing question on everyone’s mind: just what does “Sussudio” mean? Not Dead Yet is Phil Collins’s candid, witty, unvarnished story of the songs and shows, the hits and pans, his marriages and divorces, the ascents to the top of the charts and into the tabloid headlines. As one of only three musicians to sell 100 million records both in a group and as a solo artist, Collins breathes rare air, but has never lost his touch at crafting songs from the heart that touch listeners around the globe. That same touch is on magnificent display here, especially as he unfolds his harrowing descent into darkness after his “official” retirement in 2007, and the profound, enduring love that helped save him. This is Phil Collins as you’ve always known him, but also as you’ve never heard him before. From the Hardcover edition.

Genesis Alpha

Titre : Genesis Alpha
Auteur : Rune Michaels
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781442419919
Libération : 2011-04-26

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Josh worships his older brother, Max. They look alike, they talk alike, and they both have the same interests, including their favorite massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Genesis Alpha. But Josh and Max have an even deeper connection. Because Josh was born for a reason. It was Josh's stem cells, harvested when Josh was newly born, that saved his dying older brother's life. Now that same beloved older brother is arrested, accused of the brutal murder of a teenage girl. Josh is bewildered. Is Max really a monster, or is all of this a terrible mistake? And if the worst is true and Max is guilty, does that mean Josh is guilty too? After all, Max wouldn't exist without him. But this is only the beginning. Before long, Josh will come to a number of searing revelations -- revelations that have dire implications not only for Max's future, but for Josh's as well. Rune Michaels explodes onto the teen literature scene with this gripping, chilling debut -- a compelling picture of the intersection where science, family, and morality collide.

Leonard Percival Howell and the Genesis of Rastafari

Titre : Leonard Percival Howell and the Genesis of Rastafari
Auteur : Clinton a. Hutton
Éditeur : University of the West Indies Press
ISBN-13 : 9766405492
Libération : 2015-09-30

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“The contributors to this volume have found the language and concepts by which to interpret Leonard Howell and the origins of the Rastafari movement in the 1930s. This volume is richly documented from the archives, and from interviews, and is informed by multidisciplinary methods, so the reader is treated to an authoritative and comprehensive collection of essays. “Leonard Howell was persecuted over five decades by the British colonial state and by Jamaican governments since independence in 1962. It is in this context that Howell defined the main tenets of the movement, a movement that has now spread globally. All the major themes of his thinking, such as African redemption, the divinity of Haile Selassie, repatriation, and the struggle for freedom and self-reliance are discussed. Howell challenged British colonialism and Jamaican elites in a very different way from the approaches used by the middle-class intelligentsia. He focused, rather, on a new way of seeing God, King and self, thus creating an alternative way of being in the world. Developing Marcus Garvey’s focus on Africa, Leonard Howell and his followers reclaimed their ancestral identity from the dehumanized condition left by British slavery and colonialism. Howell’s communal settlement on ‘Pinnacle’ was an alternative communal space for Rastafari artisans, musicians and peasant farmers.”—Rupert Lewis, Professor Emeritus, Department of Government, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica


Titre : Genesis
Auteur : Tony Banks
Éditeur : Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 9780312379568
Libération : 2007-09-18

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The long-awaited, definitive story of one of the worlds most creative and commercial rock groups, this beautiful, full-color book coincides with the bands Fall 2007 reunion tour. All former band members have collaborated in presenting their story that spans 30 years and 30 albums.


Titre : Urantia
Auteur : Martin Gardner
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : PSU:000065246917
Libération : 2008-08-01

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Published in 1955 under the direction of psychiatrist William Sadler, The Urantia Book is the largest and most sophisticated work of New Age literature ever produced. This massive tome of more than two thousand pages is believed by devotees to be a revelation to our world, which is allegedly called "Urantia" in the language of the unseen higher beings credited with inspiring the book. Unlike other channeled "bibles," The Urantia Book contains a vast amount of modern science as well as an extensive biography of Jesus Christ, filled with details not found in the Gospels.

The Egerton Genesis

Titre : The Egerton Genesis
Auteur : Mary Coker Joslin
Éditeur : University of Toronto Press
ISBN-13 : 0802047580
Libération : 2001

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The Egerton Genesis is a pictorial narrative of the biblical Genesis, supplemented by legendary material. It was commissioned in the fourteenth century for the entertainment of a middle-class patron and his friends.

Radical Media

Titre : Radical Media
Auteur : John D. H. Downing
Éditeur : SAGE
ISBN-13 : 9781452238241
Libération : 2000-08-18

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This is an entirely new edition of the author's 1984 study (originally published by South End Press) of radical media and movements. The first and second sections are original to this new edition. The first section explores social and cultural theory in order to argue that radical media should be a central part of our understanding of media in history. The second section weaves an historical and international tapestry of radical media to illustrate their centrality and diversity, from dance and graffiti to video and the internet and from satirical prints and street theatre to culture-jamming, subversive song, performance art and underground radio. The section also includes consideration of ultra-rightist media as a key contrast case. The book's third section provides detailed case studies of the anti-fascist media explosion of 1974-75 in Portugal, Italy's long-running radical media, radio and access video in the USA, and illegal media in the dissolution of the former Soviet bloc dictatorships.